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Sarasota Maternity Session

Your maternity sessions mean a lot to me. From the first one that propelled our business, to this Sarasota maternity session that has allowed me to reminisce on our relationship.

Someday, you two are going to be best friends.

It’s a line that our mother told us, over and over again as we argued like cats and dogs. Here’s the thing… being two girls fairly close in age isn’t exactly for the weak of heart. From arguing over hair ties, to stealing barbies, to saying “that’s not fair” about a million times, there was a whole lot of yelling and tears that went into being a little sister. But day after day, Mom told us over and over that someday… we would be the best of friends.

And boy we swore that we never knew if that day would come.

And then, time passed by. We grew from little girls into teenagers… and well… the fighting got worse. Like a whole lot worse. But then, some more time passed us by. And with each birthday, we slowly but surely started to argue less.

We laughed more, and our bond grew.

But here’s the best thing about being a little sister that no one tells you… you get to watch your older sibling grow, evolve, and mature in ways that you never thought they would. (Because somehow, you always expect them to care only about barbies, and friends who they don’t want to share with their little sister).

From my older sister to my friend, I have watched Kailyn step into being an even more incredible friend, wife, and mother than I ever could have imagined. Truly, when I think of a loving and selfless mother, our mom, without a doubt, is the definition of that. (Like… I can’t even compliment a hat on her head because she will literally take it off and give it to me). It was obvious at her Sarasota maternity session.

She is the definition of selfless.

Growing up, I hoped that I would someday be a selfless and loving mom like our mom is, but never did I consider that my sister would also someday potentially fill those shoes. And she fills them so perfectly. Watching her become the most amazing mommy to my nephew (and my coolest 3 year old best friend ever) Asher has been honestly one of the favorite seasons I have been able to live my life through with my sister.

She is the mom that I always have dreamt of becoming, and I couldn’t be any more proud of the person she has become and the mother that she is.

She has always been a believer in my work and this business, even before I was (and probably before she should have, because oh has she had some not-so-great-sessions before I knew what I was doing over the years). So three years ago when she was pregnant with Asher, she asked me to photograph her maternity photos. And honestly? Those photos were a game changer in my business. So now?

It is only fitting to document another one of her life’s milestones.

Kailyn and Adam, Jordon and I love you four so much. From traveling all over for family holidays to laughing until we cry, we will forever be so thankful for the friendship that we have with you. Especially being able to photograph these special moments on the beach. Asher, we love love love you and your sweet, spunky nature so darn much, we cannot even begin to describe it. Aunty loves you so stinking much and with every cheek kiss that you give me, I am always reminded of just how lucky I am that you made me an aunty. And to our sweet new nugget, we cannot wait to meet you (and to find out if you are a boy or a girl!) But honestly? It doesn’t even matter. Because you are already so fiercely loved. So whenever you are ready, arrive safely (and maybe quickly for your mommy). 😉

To the moon and back,

Shauna and Jordon

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