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Best of Weddings 2019

When we think back to Kelsey and Bobby’s wedding, our first wedding of 2019, our minds are just blown at just how fast the year went. It was like we blinked and the whole year had passed us by. So we had to look back at our best of weddings in 2019.

They always did say that time flies when you’re having fun.

Seriously. When we think back on all of the amazing #CooneyCouples and the year that we have had- from being voted again as one of The Knots Best of Weddings for Photography to receiving an award at the Showit Conference to photographing nearly 30 weddings with some of the industries top vendors… this year has been such an amazing whirlwind.

A beautiful, incredible, whirlwind.

And yet, at the same time, each and every wedding that we photographed is engrained in our brains… as if we could literally recall and relive every single one of the moments. Because the truth is… for us… it isn’t just about taking beautiful photos. It is about the memories, the laughter, and all of the friendships made. It is about the dresses Shauna helped her brides into and the corsages that we pinned to each suit jacket. The tears we cried with each hug from a grandparent to each giggle we shared. It’s about the friends that our couples shared with us, and the friendships we made with each and every one of their bridal parties.

Because for us…

It is about our Cooney Couples.

It is about their love and trust in us and their desire for marriages that stand above the status quo. Because let’s be honest. Mediocre is easy. To live at the expectations (or below) of what society has for us… well… it’s safe. But our couples? They strive for so much more than that. They strive to beat the status quo. To grow old with their best friend, and to laugh in the good times and to work through the hard.

To have a great marriage. Not just a good one.

But each and every one of those incredible wedding days wouldn’t have been possible without some of our all-time favorite vendors. From Florida to Colorado to Arizona, each and every one of these vendors made every day absolute perfection. Because the truth is… without teams filled with amazing people like these ones… well, the day just would have never been the same.

The Ritz-Carlton Sarasota, Jennifer Matteo, Hands on Sweets, The Vinoy, Be Wed SRQ, Ashlee Ann Hair and Makeup, DJ Cory Barron & CO, Imagery Wedding Films, The Apostolic Wife, Kemari Lyn Films, Cypress Grove Estate House, Matt Winter Band, El Chorro, Mandy Marie Creative, Victoria BloomsBourbon and Blush, Streamsong Resort and Spa, Fenway Hotel, Oxford Exchange, Spark Wedding Events, The Orlo, Hyatt Regency at Coconut Point, The Club at the Strand, and honestly so many more people who we cannot express our gratitude to enough.

For making our couples’ wedding days filled with joy, love, and so much exquisite beauty.

So as we recap this year, we want to take another moment to say thank you. Thank you for loving and serving our couples. Thank you for referring your couples to us. For being amazing people. Thank you for becoming some of our greatest friends.

Thank you.

Yes, you! Thank you for letting us be a part of your life, for taking the time to read our blogs, and for taking the time to like, comment, and share. Because the truth is, without our community of followers, we would miss out on so many amazing couples. Because non of this would be possible without our couples, our amazing readers, and every one of you that says.. “You have to work with Shauna and Jordon and be a part of their Cooney Couple Community!”

So as you look through our 2019 recap… take a moment to really look. Look at the smiles. Feel the love. See the tears. Because in each image is a story, and we feel so blessed to be the ones to get to share it with you.

Enjoy our Best of Weddings 2019.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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