Sand Key Park Anniversary Session | Kylie and Nick | Clearwater, FL


Sand Key Park Anniversary Session

Have you ever met someone for the first time and just felt like you have known them for a lifetime? Kylie and Nick are those type of people. As soon they greeted us for their Sand Key Park anniversary session, they were all met with hugs and the happiest of greetings.

Including Kylie’s (super adorable) parents! Even though Kylie is a Cooney Classroom Graduate, which is when we first met, her amazing personality is what allows you to have the comfort of feeling like you’ve known her for years in just a matter of seconds.

She must get that from her parents.

Following the legacy of love that her parents have established, for forty-seven years and counting, seems like it would be big shoes to fill, but then you meet Nick, who’s open and welcoming personality compliments that of Kylie’s so well. And now, those years of marriage that Kylie’s parents share are simply an inspiration and resemblance of what Kylie and Nick have.

A marriage that is build on love, respect, and friendship.

From the way Kylie and Nick interact with one another to the way that they talk about the small things they love about each other (like how Nick kisses Kylie’s nose at every session), shows the deep love and understanding that they share. And it is all of those little things that tug on your heart strings. It is those little things that unintentionally inspire other relationships to follow the footsteps of love that they have… that motivate you to also have the relationship like Kylie and Nick.

The kind of love that is displayed through forty-seven years of love by her parents.

Kylie and Nick, thank you so much for making the extended trip to see us for your Sand Key Park anniversary session. It was such a pleasure to not only see you again, but to hear about how successful your business is doing. We truly could not be any more proud to know you and to call you a friend. Getting to photograph you two and your family is an honor that we will never forget. We cannot wait to see you two again in the future. And who knows, maybe next time, we will be seeing you in your home state of California.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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