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Sunset Engagement Photos

Being wedding photographers has brought so much joy and pride into our lives. To be the ones who get to love and serve our couples, the ones who get to stand by our couples’ sides from engagement all the way through to marriage… it truly is something so incredibly special that it is really difficult to put into words.

Because for us, it is a true honor to be the ones to love and serve our couples. To blot the sweat from their head during blazing hot engagement sessions, all the way to carrying our brides’ dresses as they head to their first look with the love of their life. Their best friend.

And sometimes, that honor is even greater than we can ever imagine.

Like when we get to photograph some of the people who we love most. You see, with most of our couples, we have never met them before. It isn’t until we photograph their engagement session and their wedding day that we get to create the amazing friendship that we have. But this year? We have photographed so many couples who actually began as friends first. In fact- this year we have photographed more of our friends’ engagement sessions than ever before.

And the experience has been one of the most gratifying things ever.

You see, Bryan and Kim have been long time friends of ours, all beginning with Bryan and Shauna’s friendship at the University of Florida. With endless memories (and blackmail photos) from dorm room parties (complete with Shauna donning some old school braces 😂) to graduate school tailgates, so many memories and so much laughter has been shared over the years.

And throughout all of those years of friendship, Shauna always knew that Bryan had just the most incredible heart. The kind of heart that deserved a love unlike anything else. A love that could only be completed with a woman who was beautiful, kind, loving, and compassionate.

And then, Bryan met Kim.

And not only was she all of those things, but she was so much more. She was funny, patient, and the perfect amount of challenging (which is much needed when you’re dating a quit-witted lawyer like Bryan). She was everything that Shauna could have ever hoped that Bryan would find.

So to be the ones to not only watch their love grow, but to be the ones to document it… well… it has been nothing short of an honor. From all of the snuggles for their pup Gary to the nonstop laughter Kim and Bryan shared… it’s honestly no wonder why their photos are as stunning as they are.

Because people who are as amazing as they are… they just deserve nothing but the best.

Kim and Bryan, there aren’t even enough words to accurately express just how incredibly happy we are for you two and how thankful we are to call you two friends. Bryan- when I think back to some of the hardest times in my lives, you were always there. And now, when I look back to the absolute best moments of my life (like marrying Jordon)… you were both there.

Yet again.

We may not always see each other, but that is the kind of friendship that is the best. The kind that don’t require constant nurturing, but that you always know is there. We are so incredibly happy for you two and are so honored to be able to call you two friends and a #CooneyCouple. Now we will just be counting down the days until your wedding day! Get ready for nonstop crying, laughing, and even more incredible photos. 😭

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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