Downtown Sunset Engagement Session | Downtown Tampa, Florida

The rain started to come down on the beaches of Davis Island, just as we began to wrap up Samantha and Tyler’s engagement session. Before Davis Island, that same storm started to come down just as we got into the car leaving Le Meridien Hotel in downtown Tampa. As if it were following us around Tampa from location to location.

But even though that storm may have thought that it had gotten the best of us, it couldn’t have been any more wrong.

It actually allowed us to shoot all around Le Meridien, gave us the most incredible breeze, (because lets be honest, it may be October, but it’s still 90 degrees here), and it let us bring out the umbrellas for some of the most romantic rain photos know to man kind, allowed for us to capture some rain drops in a “Notebook”-esque lift, and it gave us the most colorful, vibrant, pink and orange sunset that we have ever been a part of.

It was like the storm gave Samantha and Tyler an orange juice sky to add to their champagne pop, giving them the most epic metaphoric mimosa. 😉

The sunset was amazing, their style was so on point, and our favorite pat- that their personalities truly just bring out the best in one another. Tyler’s patience and go-with-the-flow type mentality matches so perfectly with Samantha’s boss babe attitude and attention to detail. So much so, that they actually remind us of this one couple we know. 😉

The whole time, we all couldn’t stop laughing and making comparisons, because y’all. They remind us so much of ourselves! (Also, the fact that Jordon and Tyler are first cousins totally explains their similarities in their personalities and in strong independent women.)

Growing up together, one would have never guessed that Tyler and Jordon would be where they both are today. As kids running around on their Grandmother’s farm, never in a million years would Jordon have expected to be photographing his younger cousin’s wedding someday.

And we could not be any more honored that we are.

Samantha and Tyler, we had such a good time hanging out with you and getting to know how similar both of our relationships are! If only we had kept track of Samantha quoting, “Shauna, that more and more we hang out, the more and more I see how we are similar, and how Tyler and Jordon are, too.” Having this type of connection with one of our #CooneyCouples is seriously truly so much fun, and we could not be any more excited to see you two again on your wedding day! We are so thankful for this time that we got to spend together and cannot wait to continue to be life long friends. Get ready for all the water works on your wedding day you guys. In the meantime, we will just be counting down the days until we get to photograph you two (and our Carrie Underwood lookalike) again. 🥰

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon


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