The Don CeSar Sunset Engagement Session | Sarah and Ralph | St. Petersburg, FL


The Don CeSar Sunset Engagement Session

Where does one even begin when describing Sarah and Ralph and their The Don Cesar sunset engagement session? Do we start their incredible style? Or how about Sarah bringing both confetti and a bottle of champagne (along side a hand-held vacuum to clean up after)? The fact that their wedding date is New Years Eve? In reality, all the above are great choices, but nothing compares to the one that matters most.

The unwavering love that Sarah and Ralph have for one another.

Not many people in this world are built like these two. Every relationship has obstacles, but there are few married (never mind unmarried) couples who have a love that can stand a test like Sarah and Ralph. A love that literally begins with love at first sight (well, we’ll say first conversation), that has developed into traveling the world, building a life together, and supporting each other’s dreams.

But life (as it always seems to) happened.

You see… when Sarah and Ralph discovered that his body was battling cancer…  they were faced with a cross roads that they didn’t even know they were at. Because you guys, they are literally that perfect that they didn’t even know they were there. So we could go on and on about Ralphs incredible strength, about Sarah’s unwavering love for him, or all of the difficulties that they have endured together without ever knowing just how amazing they both are…

Truly amazing.

But the truth is, Sarah and Ralph have never let any obstacle stop their love from growing each and every day. So many couples could make excuses. And not just the obvious ones. Excuses about miscommunication. Excuses about laundry. Excuses about selfishness. But Sarah and Ralph? There truly isn’t an hardship or obstacle that could stop their love.

Love conquers all things.

And if you were wondering what love looks like… look no further. Because every time that Sarah’s eyes would glance towards Ralph’s direction, you could not only see the love in her eyes… you could feel it. And when his eyes met hers? The rest of the world literally disappeared around them.

We’ve never been so proud to feel like we didn’t exist to someone.

Because as we watched Sarah and Ralph love and admire one another… we could see it. We could see the passion that they share. We could see the friendship and the trust. We could see the love that they share and that they will share.

For the rest of their lives.

Because they have what it takes. They have the morals, the grit, and the teamwork that marriage takes. Because loving someone unconditionally? Y’all… that is a really big promise to live up to. And Sarah and Ralph?

We know they can live up to that promise.

Sarah and Ralph… you guys! We don’t even know where to begin!


Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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