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Private Beach Destination Wedding | Michelle and Peter | New Smyrna Beach, Florida


May 8, 2019

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Private Beach Destination Wedding

As we arrived to Michelle and Peter’s mansion on New Smyrna Beach for their private beach destination wedding, anticipation began to creep up in our hearts.

We were so excited that their wedding day was finally here.

The sun was beaming (the way it tends to do in Florida), the wind swirled around the palm trees. Inside, were Michelle and Peter. Preparing for the day that they had so long awaited. The day that they would make their promises to one another. When they would gather around their closes friends and family from all over the country to witness their love.

The day that they would marry their best friend.

And just as we gathered to bring Michelle and Peter to their first look, Florida pulled the ultimate Florida move. Out of nowhere the skies darkened. Rain began to downpour, and the ultimate final straw- hurricane force winds began to swirl around the house. Glass shattered just outside the house, and in an instant…

Panic spread across everyone’s faces inside the house.

Michelle and Peters closest friends (who thankfully were at the house) ran outside and began gathering decor and brining it inside the house while the neighbor’s furniture blew into the ocean. Decor crisis diverted. But there was just one more issue…

Michelle and Peter’s first look was set to happen just as the storm hit, and though we had a Plan B location for the first look (just in case of rain), there was no way we could bring them outside with the sheer power of the wind.

So out came Plan C.

Shauna explained to Michelle that the weather wasn’t safe for the first look to be outside, and let Michelle choose between an indoor first look, or waiting the storm out.  We had explained that we had already made adjustments to their timeline to postpone the first look if she chose, and sure enough, delaying the first look was Michelle’s preference (Thankfully all of those weather apps we have came in handy!). So we sent Michelle’s best friends upstairs with mimosas, a speaker for music, and a mini-dance party ensued.

In the middle of a storm on their wedding day.

You see, Michelle and Peter are the exact embodiment of a Cooney Couple. Kind, passionate, caring, selfless, and most importantly- in love with their best friend. So when a monsoon hit on their all-outdoor wedding day, they knew that everything would be okay. Because at the end of the day?

They just wanted to marry their best friend.

So as soon as the weather lifted enough for us to do their first look, they had their magical moment- together. And when the rain picked back up again? Well, Michelle and Peter giggled, we handed them a clear umbrella, and we made magic out of it.

Because the truth is…

There are about a million and one things that can go wrong on a wedding day, but when we worry less about perfection and more about the love and marriage of the day-

Perfection seems to come out of nowhere.

Like couples portraits with the most even and flattering light known to mankind- on the beach (which y’all, that is a blessing in itself). Just enough light to give a pop of color, (but not so much that they were hot and in direct light!) and truly the most stunning ceremony light that we have ever seen.

Almost as if Mother Nature was rewarding Michelle and Peter.

And honestly? We believe mother nature was repaying them. Because the way that Michelle and Peter kept their eye on the prize (each other), they truly deserved every last bit of beauty and love that radiated from their wedding day.

Michelle and Peter, every single thing about your wedding day brings just an absolute smile to our faces. The way you handled the rain delays, the way you two looked at each other during your ceremony, the way you made us cry as you thanked us in front of your family, all the way to the photos within your gallery. In our hearts, we truly know that we would not have been able to make the magic that we did on your wedding day without the constant love and trust from you two, and from all of this, we are so incredibly thankful to not just call you two a Cooney Couple, but to call you two friends. We are so thankful for all of the memories made with you two at your private beach destination wedding, and we look forward to all of the future memories to come.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

The Amazing Vendor Team:

Photography | Shauna and Jordon Photography

Gown | Lulus Weddings

Florist | Porch Therapy

Hair/Makeup | Laura Reynolds Artistry

Save The Dates | Zola

Shoes | Rainbow Sandals

Catering | Taco Shack

Men’s Attire | J Crew

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