Tropical Fenway Hotel Wedding | Amanda and Andrew | Dunedin, Florida


Tropical Fenway Hotel Wedding

She saw him and tears immediate streamed down her face. Amanda had waited for this day for what felt like decades. And the moment was here. Outside of their beautiful Tropical Fenway Hotel wedding- he was in front of her. As he walked towards her, Amanda covered her mouth with her quivering hands, let out a little squeal, and reached for him.

The man who loved her first.

The one who had been there through it all. The good and the bad. The one who was there when Dad and friends weren’t. The one who was there in the (rare) moments that Andrew wasn’t. So as Amanda and Andrew stood there, hand and hand, Jacoby (and Knight)  walked towards them. Their little family of four was together. And Amanda? Well she finally completed her last first look of the day.

And each and every one of them was perfection.

From lunging into her fathers arms as she saw him, to a very tearful first look with her grandmother (trust us when we say that there wasn’t a dry eye in the room- ours included), to seeing Andrew- the love of her life, to finally wrapping her arms around her fur baby, each and every moment was like it had been written out of a fairytale.

Because that is Amanda and Andrew.

Living their fairytale. Sure, there are bends and turns in their story, but that’s what makes their story so perfect. Thats what makes it strong. What makes is a Cooney Couple’s story. Because Amanda and Andrew? They continue to choose one another. To put each other first. There are so many parts of their relationship that we just love so much, but one of our favorites is about the last time they broke up.

Yes. When they broke up.

Long distance is hard y’all. And likes many couples, Amanda and Andrew needed some time apart after a hard and taxing attempt at making long distance work. But sometimes, what seems easiest isn’t ever really the easiest. So when Amanda’s mom asked Amanda how she was doing- how she felt about Andrew- her realization was what would forever change the course of their lives. Amanda looked at her mom, and she said…

“I love him.”

And that realization in that moment- those three little words chanced the course for the rest of their lives. A house in Orlando, a new golden retriever puppy, and most importantly, the love of their lives. You see…

Amanda and Andrew began their love story long ago.

But the chapter that they began on their wedding day? It was like the most perfect final chapter for their book. The first book of their series. A series that we absolutely cannot wait to continue to read.

Amanda and Andrew… honestly? Expressing how much we love you two is just so darn hard. Individually you both are just so amazing. You are kind, and sweet, and funny (and dancing machines!), but together… man, it’s just so obvious you were meant for one another. Because together? You are passionate.

It’s like every one of your incredible attributes have been magnified. Like they have been set on fire. We are so thankful to call you two a Cooney Couple. To have been able to have an influence in your marriage at your tropical Fenway Hotel wedding. To have been able to get to know you both and call you friends. We love you both so much and cannot wait for our next Cooney Couple Date Night so we can see you two again. Until then, go Red Sox. 😉

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon


The Amazing Vendor Team:

Planning | The Apostolic Wife

Photography | Shauna and Jordon Photography

Venue | Fenway Hotel

Gown | One and Only Bridal Boutique

Designer | Miss Stella York

Bridesmaid | Jenny Yoo NYC

Florist | Leaf it to us Floral Design

Cake | The Artistic Whisk

DJ | DJ Cory Barron & Co.

Hair/Makeup | Femme Akoi

Videography | Contessa Films

Shoes | Badgley Mischka

Catering | Fenway Hotel 

Jewelry | Shop IDC

Men’s Attire | The Black Tux

Cocktail Hour Music | Classern Quartet

Pet Coordination | Fairytale Petcare

Linen rentals | Over the Top Rental Linens

Custom Dog Bandannas | Lavender Menace Designs

Custom Cookies | KP Cookies

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