Harborside Chapel Wedding | Clearwater, Florida

Have you ever had a recipe that called for something that was marinated?

But instead of letting it marinade for 24 hours, you tried to cut it down to 6 hours? Or 4 hours? Let us guess… it just wasn’t very good, was it? Because it was rushed, and by rushing it, the seasons couldn’t be absorbed properly.

Or how about the opposite?

Have you ever let something marinade a bit longer than it was supposed to? Fully knowing that by extending the marination time, that it was going to be just so much more flavorful. Knowing that it was going to be so much better.

Some things are just worth marinating a little longer.

Like when a high school boy falls in love with a high school girl, and then nine years later- after lots of time to marinade and perfect- they got married. Some might make jokes about it being “about time”, but the truth of it is, Emma and Alan knew what they were doing.

They took their time.

Emma took her time letting Alan ask her out, but eventually couldn’t let it marinade any longer. They went to separate colleges, only to decide that long distance wasn’t a part of their relationship recipe. (Side note- it takes a strong love to turn a rivaling FSU Seminole into a Gator Alumni, so if there is ever any question to Alan’s love for Emma, that alone says it all!) They graduated. They continued to love one another. To enjoy life together.

They let their love continue to marinade.

Because some of the best loves are the ones that are patient, kind, and confident. So confident in their future, in fact, that they know there is no reason to rush it, so instead, they just savor every moment. They savor in the craft beer dates, the late night snuggles on the couch, the endless boat days and fishing trips. The days full of adventure and the days full of mundane.

Because every day together is their best day together.

Emma and Alan, of all of our couples, we think it is safe to say that you two are some of the most patient, kind, loving, and just completely joyful people that we have ever seen. The friendship that you two share is an absolute testament to the time that you two have spent perfecting your relationship and loving each other over the last nine years. The way you two were your absolute selves during your ceremony- from the giggles, smiles, and secret glances, Jordon and I couldn’t help but to be reminded of our own wedding day. The day that we married our best friend. Because looking at you two? We know without a doubt that you married your best friend. (Minus you Maria- but that’s okay- we know Alan is okay with sharing Emma with you  😉). Emma and Alan, we are so excited to watch you two continue to explore life together- in the highs and the lows. Because honestly? We know that you two took the time to marinade your relationship, and because of that, we know that your marriage is set up for success, no matter what life throws at you.

(But hopefully what life does throw at you two is lots of craft beer, boat days, and laughter. Because if anyone deserves it, it’s you two.)

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon


The Amazing Vendor Team:

Ceremony | Harborside Chapel

Reception | Kapok Events

Planning and Coordination | Flawless Fetes

Bridesmaid Dresses | Azazie

Groomsmen Attire | All Brides 2 Be

Florals | Leaf it to us Floral Design

Cake | A Piece of Cake

Entertainment | Grant Hemond DJs

Hair and Makeup | Femme Akoi

Catering | Delectables Catering

Jewelry | Arnolds Jewelers

Videography | Sky Helm Weddings

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