Downtown Waterfront Legacy Session | Joy and Nick | Tampa, Florida


It seems the most common question a newlywed is asked is “How is marriage?” And we can easily answer this question for Joy and Nick after their Legacy session.

Being married as a Cooney Couple is Incredible.

If you are wondering what marriage is supposed to look and feel like, Joy and Nick are the perfect couple to exemplify this. The way Joy gazes into Nick’s eyes, the way Nick watches his wife, their pure happiness when they are with each other is tough to put into words, because you have to simply see it for yourself. Because together?

It is pure magic.

They’ve had two years since their wedding date to perfect their relationship, but they have proven to us (and themselves) that they have far exceeded the term ‘Perfection’. Along with over exceeding their relationship, they haven’t lost a step in terms of posing! One can sometimes forget what they have had for breakfast, but these two rocked out every pose we had.

As if it was riding a bike.

Joy and Nick, we simply cannot thank you enough for choosing to be a Cooney Couple. We thank you for being a true #ShaunaLynneBride and #JordonLeeGroom. For being a true #CooneyCouple. We thank you for the trust you have in us to put our photos on your wall. For trusting us to be the ones to photograph all the seasons of your life. So truthfully? We have to thank you.

Thank you for your patience with the weather that you had with this Legacy Session. We thank you for being true to yourselves and with each other, because you honestly push Shauna and I to be better individually and with each other. Because the way you two glowed at your session is tough to say with words, but these images should help put it more into perspective.

Until next time.

All our love,

Shauna and Jordon


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