Romantic Beach Sunset Engagement | Tampa, Florida

The sun began to set, slowly, as the wind swirled around Stephanie and Phillip. She stood there on her tippy toes as he pulled her in, love beaming from their eyes. And in that moment, nothing could have been any more perfect for Stephanie and Phil.

A Texas tailgate, a smuggled purse, and thousands of miles.

Some of the greatest love stories start with a true gentleman. (Like Phil- who insisted on shoving Stephanie’s purse in his clothing so she didn’t have to throw her designer purse away to enter the stadium). And, like most of our favorite love stories, it wasn’t long before Stephanie and Phil were traveling thousands of miles to see one another again.

Because sometimes, you just know.

You know that it’s worth the hardships of travel, long distance, and sacrifice to be with them. To hear them laugh, make memories with, and to live life with. It isn’t always time that makes the greatest loves, but instead the passion, friendship, admiration, and loyalty that is brought to the table.

And Stephanie and Phil have just that.

From the moment that we met Stephanie and Phil, we could tell that their love and friendship was one that we loved. (And a love that you can love is a special kind of love y’all). As individuals, we truly just love and adore Stephanie and Phil, but even more so, we admire and love who Stephanie and Phil are together. Because their relationship is built on an amazing friendship. A relationship that is built around trust and laughter. A relationship that is so darn fun to be around. (We mean… we sat around chatting with them for over 30 minutes after their engagement session, so we really mean that!) Because Stephanie and Phil?

They just have it.

Stephanie and Phil, to say that we adore you two is a slight understatement. Every time that we are around you two, we cannot help but to feel like we are around old friends. In fact- we’re pretty sure that every time we leave you two, one of us ends up saying, “I really just love them so much.” With this business, we are just so incredibly lucky to gain some of the most amazing friends from our couples, and we have no doubt that you two will be one of those friendships that we love and adore for so many years to come. We are so incredibly happy for you two and are literally counting down the days until you two begin your legacy of love together. In the meantime… let’s grab a drink and celebrate you two, because you two are well worth celebrating. 🥂 We love you both.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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