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He walked into the room, a smile beaming across his face- ear to ear. Everyone in the room could see just how happy, excited, and ready he was. To begin his legacy of love with his best friend.

And then, she walked in.

Their eyes met, and we watched as the breath seemingly escaped Greg’s body. His hands began to tremble. This was it. As Jessie walked towards Greg, it was like a divine plan was all coming together. Because the truth is that it is just that simple.

Jessie and Greg were just meant for each other.

The love that they share is truly so incredibly special. Filled with kindness, respect, laughter, understanding, and a man who can love a strong and independent woman. And as a couple who knows it first hand- it takes a truly special man to love a strong woman. A woman who is bright, and passionate, and a little bit fiery.

A woman who pushes her man to be stronger.

A woman who knows what greatness is like and doesn’t settle for mediocre. It truly takes a confident, passionate, and patient (oh so patient) man to know how to love a woman like Jessie. And Greg? It is so evident that he is that kind of man.

Jessie and Greg, we are so incredibly happy for you two. To have witnessed your love and relationship over the last year has been such a joy, and we cannot even begin to explain how proud we are to call you two a #CooneyCouple, like the true passionate, kind, power couple that you are. We know that your love and devotion will bring you to have not just a good marriage, but a great marriage, and we cannot wait to watch that love grow in all of the years to come.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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