Golden Hour Downtown Tampa Engagement Session

We walked downtown, Kayla’s hand in Ryan’s. Chatting about the day, their upcoming wedding, their session, and most importantly, their amazing outfits they were in. Then in what felt like an instantaneous moment, Ryan looked at us, pointed to his beautiful fiancé, and said, “Oh my gosh I know! Do you see how perfect this is on her?”

Those words might not seem extraordinary to an untrained ear, but to us, those words meant so much to us. You see- when complimenting people, more often than not, the person will say thank you, comment on where they got it, when they got it, or how they got the clothing.

But Ryan? He at no point even registered the compliment that we were giving him. Because all that he could think about?

Was his fiancé and how beautiful she looked.

And if his words hadn’t demonstrated that enough, the look in his eyes, the pride on his face, and the admiration in ever photo all radiates that Kayla is his soulmate. Without even trying, it is so clearly obvious that Kayla is his priority. That she isn’t some girl that he is just happy with, but that having her love is something that he is so proud of.

And rightfully so.

For those of you who haven’t met Kayla, let us paint a quick picture for you. Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous, but she is so kind, humble, compassionate, easygoing, and incredibly smart and driven (characteristics that are basically a requirement to be Pharmacist- which she is). So it is no surprise that together….

Kayla and Ryan are perfect.

Kayla and Ryan, where do we even start? From your consultation to your engagement session, every single moment with you two has just been so much fun. Like we were just around lifelong friends… laughing, making memories, and taking some of the most epic photos ever. (For real we’re super obsessed and we aren’t sorry about it!) We are so thankful to know you both, your dedication, and your love, and we cannot even wait to watch you two as you marry each other. We are so incredibly proud to call you two a Cooney Couple, and we cannot wait to see you two again soon (aka at our next Cooney Couple date night), because we are convinced that we will go through withdrawals if we have to wait for your wedding in November!

Hug and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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