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Sometimes life has a different plan for us than we do.

A plan that is so much grander and more perfect than what we ever could have fathomed on our own- a plan so far off our own paths that the only way that we could have made it to our happily ever after was for us to get tossed on a path completely different than the one that we thought we should be on.

Like the way that Jordon and I found each other.

If you had told us that our story  even just a year before we fell in love with each other… we would have thought you were crazy. It wasn’t the path that we had planned for ourselves.

But now we cannot imagine having any other path to live our lives on.

Just like Kim and Bryan. Because when you meet them and see their love shining and pouring from their eyes and hearts for one another, you just instantly know that their love was one that was always meant to be- regardless of the paths that they previous walked. So on December 29th, surrounded by their beautiful children, Kim and Bryan celebrated their love and marriage together.

And y’all- it was one of the most beautiful ways that we could have imagined ending our 2018.

From the most stunning peonies filled blush and peach bouquet to the uncontrollable giggles- Kim and Bryan have a love story that we are proud to celebrate.

Kim and Bryan, thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful and exciting time in your lives with us. As we photographed the two of you, watching you giggle alongside your children, Jordon and I were reminded of our future. The children we someday will be able to giggle next to, hug, and love with all of our hearts. Shauna, being from blended families herself, knows just how tricky it can be to merge two families into one, but there is no doubt in our hearts that the love and patience that you two share will make you both some of the best bonus parents out there.

We are so so happy for the two of you and cannot wait to watch your legacy of love grow.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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