Burgundy Downtown St. Petersburg Winter Wedding

Bobby walked in the church and stood there there. Looking dapper as ever with his bow tie and grey suit. He saw Shauna and smiled (and she couldn’t help but wrap her arms around him and give him a big ole hug- because y’all she just loves these two so much). He looked around the church, smiling at all the faces of friends and family that he loved. The ones who support the love that he and Kelsey share.

And then, he waited.

He waited in the moment where seconds began to feel like hours and minutes began to feel like days. But then, slowly, one by one, Kelsey’s ten bridesmaids made their way done the aisle. And with each stunning bridesmaid in the most beautiful burgundy gowns, Bobby was one step closer to seeing his bride.

And then… the church doors opened.

And just like that, as his eyes met hers, it felt like the weight of the world had lifted off of Bobby’s shoulders- while also taking every last ounce of breath out of his body. His hand raise to his face, covering his mouth as the tears welled in his eyes. Because right there, in front of him was his soon to be wife. The love of his life. His soul mate.

His best friend.

Ever since their engagement session, we have been saying that even without knowing Kelsey and Bobby, strangers could recognize the magic that their love shares. The friendship, the love, the laughter, the memories… all of it. Just one look at the way that Bobby looks at Kelsey and the way that Kelsey giggles at Bobby… it is all so completely evident.

Through just one single glance.

Because Kelsey and Bobby?

They are a #CooneyCouple.

Because being a #CooneyCouple… it means so much more than having amazing photos. It means being a part of our online community where couples support and lift one another up. It means going to Cooney Couple date nights. It means being a part of our special projects- like our Cooney Couple Experience video and our video about what it means to be a Cooney Couple (both of which you will find these two in).

It means loving and marrying your best friend. It means having a relationship that is worth never giving up on.

It means being a part of something bigger.

Kelsey and Bobby, we are so incredibly thankful that the two of you fell in love all those years ago, had the most epic proposal, and then became a #CooneyCouple (and not just because we got to take these ridiculously beautiful photos all day long with you two below- though we sure aren’t complaining about that!), and not because your love literally represents everything that a Cooney Couple stands for, but because we are so incredibly thankful for the friendship that we share with you two.

For all of the laughs and memories to the invitations to Friendsgivings and date nights. You have two of the purest, kindest, and fun-est (yes, we are making up word now!) hearts that we have ever had the pleasure to know, and we are so thankful to not just call you a part of the #cooneycouplefamily, but personal friends. We know that your love has so many epic moments in store, and we cannot wait to watch along and cheer you and your love on.

Now let’s make plans to go get a charcuterie board and some craft beer as soon as possible, because we already miss you two. 💕

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon


The Amazing Creative Team:

Church | Saint Mary Our Lady of Grace

Venue | Nova 535

Photography | Shauna and Jordon Photography

Videography | Lafaro Films

Florals | Wonderland Floral Art

Makeup | Ashlee Ann Hair and Makeup

Gown Boutique | CCs Bridal

Gown Designer | Allure Bridal

Catering | Puff N Stuff

Mens Attire | Sacinos

Transportation | St. Petersburg Trolleys


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