Luxury Light and Airy Downtown Engagement | Tampa, FL

Angielique and Ryan spread out rose pedals around Cassandra and Michael’s newly designed guest suite. The guest house was Cassandra and Michael’s special project together, and a place that meant so much to them. Angielique checked her phone, and it was time for her and Ryan to hide. They ran over to the closet and jumped in- like two little kids playing hide and sneak, giggling as they hid from their best friends. Angielique and Ryan stifled their excitement and their nerves, and they listened carefully. As they peeked through the slats of the closet, they witnessed their two best friends get engaged. A moment they were so incredibly blessed to be a part of.

A rare moment Angielique and Ryan took part in. Not alone, but together.

Because Angielique and Ryan? Well… let’s just say that their downtown New Years Eve proposal (in front of hundreds of people) was one that will forever be one of our all time favorites (because if you remember correctly, Jordon first told Shauna he loved her on New Years Eve… so it’s safe to say it’s one of our favorite holiday’s ever). And that grand gesture of love? Well, it fits Angielique and Ryan perfectly. Because the love that they share?

Is one of the grandest we have ever seen.

Not only would Ryan clearly do anything for Angielique, but the way that they literally laugh and joke with one another instantly brings one word to mind.


And if there is ever one trait that we know a #CooneyCouple has- it is their intense love and friendship for one another. Because through the good times and the bad, we know the person that we will always need most is our best friend. And we have absolutely no doubt that Angielique and Ryan share that together.

They are, without a doubt, a #CooneyCouple.

Theres no question about how much we love our #CooneyCouples. Their hearts. Their passion. Their Drive.

But one of the things we love more than a #CooneyCouple is a #CooneyCouple best-friend-duo.

Yep… two #CooneyCouples.

Two best friends who both knew that they wanted to be a part of this community. The distinct honor of celebrate one of our couple’s weddings, while one of our other couples stands by their sides as bridesmaids/groomsmen. Couples who loved being a #CooneyCouple so much… that they told their best friends that they have to have us on their wedding day.

They bustle each others’ dresses and fix one another’s makeup. They are there for one another. Two sets of couples. Two sets of best friends. Two #ShaunaLynne Brides and two #JordonLeeGrooms. And our favorite part? Getting to see our couples over and over again at each other’s wedding days.

Like a mini #CooneyCouple Reunion.

Angielique and Ryan, We had such a blast during your engagement session- from start to finish. We always say how our couples become some of our best friends, and honestly? We are just so thankful to have gotten to know you as a couple because we genuinely enjoy being around you both so much. Not only can we not wait for your wedding day, but even more, we can’t wait to continue to laugh with you, enjoy coquito (or champagne… or wine) with you, and to make memories with the two of you. Because there is no question in our hearts that not only will your love story be one of our favorites to watch, but so will the memories we all create along the way.

Cheers to the two of you. We love you both so much!

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon


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