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Before we met, we always valued, loved, and cherished our family. Shauna, though sometimes sassy, would always consider her family some of her best friends, and still to this day does. (And our annual scalloping trip that we take with Shauna’s family is proof of that).

And Jordon?

Well let’s just say that having 2 older brothers and a sister¬†might have proven complicated (which we are sure you can just imagine all the fighting that occurred earlier on in his life), but now? His siblings are some of his best friends. (Don’t worry, Kevin, that includes you too. [Jordon’s brother-in-law and best man from our wedding. ūüėČ])¬†So to say that we value family doesn’t even begin to describe it.

They mean everything to us.

So when a family member refers their¬†own siblings to us… it is such an honor and compliment that our hearts cannot even begin to explain how flattered we are by it. Because personally? We know how important our family is to us. How we would do anything for our siblings. So for Steven’s sister, Christine, to refer us to him…

Cue the waterworks.

Because Steven? He is a kind, loving, compassionate, and selfless man. (I mean he’s in law enforcement, so that alone speaks to the kindness and compassion in his heart). But as if that doesn’t demonstrate the kind of man Steven is… well… then there is Jessica.¬†Because the person Steven chose to spend his life with explains it all.

She is a #shaunalynnebride.

Not only does the love in Jessica’s eyes show just how much she loves and adores Steven, but it shows the happiness and pride that she feels to call him her future husband. The man who she will grow old laughing with. (And trust us, Steven has a happy future to look forward to, because Jessica’s giggle is literally¬†the cutest ever!) She is smart, hard working, dedicated, loyal, and truly just¬†so beautiful. (Also, she¬†rocks olive green and is a perfect reminder to all us brown haired brown eyed girls to fill our closets with it stat!)

Together? They are a #cooneycouple. Loving, kind, considerate, and just an all around power couple. But most of all?

They are marrying their best friend.

Jessica and Steven, based off of your engagement session, and how much fun we had giggling and chatting with you, we are so incredibly excited for your wedding day to be here. Your hearts and love for one another is just absolutely incredible. We love you both so much and just wanted you to know that you genuinely deserve nothing less than the best, so it makes perfect sense that you found each other. Every hand hold, every kiss, every smile, and every snuggle was just an instant reminder to us how lucky we are to photograph couples as genuinely in love as the two of you are, and we cannot even wait to see where this legacy of love happens to take the two of you.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon


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