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Have you ever googled a wedding planning question? In an instant, you have a plethora of wedding planning tips- and most likely- all conflicting. Which ones are trustworthy? Who should you believe? Well we think that the time leading up to your wedding should be fun and a moment to reconnect with the love of your life, making memories with your best friend.. not googling for hours on end. So we have decided to bring the best of the industry to you– the ones that we know and love. So that you can stop the googling, and go straight to the experts- all in our new wedding planning series: Consult the Pros.

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Hi there! We are Tyler and Amanda Albers of Ty Albers Videography! We absolutely love sipping coffee together in far away places, dream big, and love storytelling! Tyler is the magic maker of our business, because he is such a creative and masterful videographer and editor. I, Amanda, have the privilege and challenge of trying to caption his incredible work as his social media guru! We are so excited to be visiting here and wanted to share a few tidbits to make your wedding planning process as fun and stress free as possible!
If you are anything like I was when planning our wedding, then perhaps you too have come to the realization that there are so many things you don’t know or just didn’t know to think about! I had no idea what fabrics work best as napkins, what size table seats how many people, or what in the world laser engraved invitations were! All I knew were the lovingly hand picked pictures I had pinned to my dream board on Pinterest. These were my visions, but when transferring those to my realities, I felt unprepared and ill equipped to make informed decisions. Thankfully I worked with terrific vendors and was able to trust their expertise and advice, but sometimes I had to spend hours doing my research to know I was making the best decision possible for our big day.
So for Videography, here’s a quick 101 to help you know exactly what to look for and 5 questions to ask your wedding filmmaker!

What kind of cameras do they use for shot variety? 

There are soooo many different types of cameras and accoutrements that produce all the beautiful shots to craft a wedding film! However, when we watch a highlight online, it’s hard to spot the differences between them. All we really see are beautiful moments of a beautiful couple, and our eyes widen and sparkle knowing that soon it will be us on that screen! In reality, a videographer can bring anywhere from two to seven different types of cameras along for capturing different shots! Drones are remote piloted cameras that are able to be flown to capture some truly epic shots of your venue, your guests, and you! Steady cams allow the videographer to get some action shots like dancing and bouquet tossing without the shot being too shaky or blurry. Now it’s definitely not your job to know the difference between all of these things, that’s what you can trust your videographer to know! However, what you should know is that due to extra costs, (such as licensing, additional editing, etc.) some videographers charge extra for the use of this equipment. So if you envision an aerial shot of you and your new hubby walking off into the sunset, be sure to take a close look at the package options and know whether or not this will tack on additional fees.

Can you see them as more than just a vendor? 

Close your eyes and imagine it’s your wedding day. All of the details have been carefully planned out, all of your closest friends and family are on the way, and you are about to see your groom for the first time. He’s about to see you in the most beautiful dress, and you are about to have the moment you have only dreamed about. Now imagine you are sharing this moment with a stranger watching it all unfold. It really changes the whole scene, doesn’t it? The last thing you want to happen is for there to be an unfamiliar face behind the camera all day! Make time to meet with your videographer, either in person, via Skype or FaceTime, etc. and get to know them before you hire them. Personality clashing on your wedding day is not something you should have to worry about, so make sure the person you are inviting into the most precious moments is someone you feel comfortable with, knows you, sees you as more than just a client, and cares about making your day as smooth and relaxing as possible.

Do they work well with other vendors?

There are certain moments of your wedding day that you will just inevitably miss. When your flower girl is twirls her way down the aisle and forgets to drop the petals, or your big brother gets emotional anticipating your arrival, you will be behind the door, catching your breath and slowing your heartbeat as you prepare to walk down the aisle yourself. That’s what your documentation team is there for! To capture all of those moments and give a full view of your incredible day. To do that successfully, it’s vital that your photographer and videographer are able to cooperate with one another and effectively share space and time. Always inform your photographer and videographer about one another, and ideally try to find ones that have worked together in the past, or at least know about the other. This will allow them to know each other’s styles and preferences, and be able to work well with each other. It’s heartbreaking to see gorgeous shots made unusable because there are conflicting artists unwilling to compromise for the sake of your wedding day!

Do they license their music? 

I think we’ve all been there, when you go to share a video on Facebook and it gets flagged for copyright infringement. Now when it’s just your backyard barbecue and it’s only because Party in the USA was playing in the background, it’s not the end of the world. But when it’s the most important day of your life and you’re unable to share it with your friends and family, it’s awful! Avoid the heartbreak all together and always confirm your videographer uses licensed music for videos and highlights you plan to share on social media. If you have a song picked out that you cannot live without, that’s still fine, just make sure your videographer knows to use it only for clips on your personal copy and not on pieces you were hoping to post to your feeds for all to see!

What kind of audio equipment will be used? 

One of the biggest reasons I always advocate for brides to hire a photographer and a videographer is beacause some things just can’t be captured though photos. Video is the way we relive those moments again and again; it has the power to transport us back to that day for years to come and reminds us of all the special memories that inevitably fade with time. Especially when it comes to all the sounds of your wedding day, whether it be the way your groom sniffled through his vows or a sweet memory from your best friend during her speech, that you just can’t recall a few days later. A good videographer is able to not only capture the soundtrack of your wedding day, but also incorporate it into you highlight and feature film through sound editing. Always hire a videographer who has audio expertise, proper equipment, and how to work with your DJ to ensure every sweet word uttered and every song played and every giggle will stand the test of time.

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