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Have you ever googled a wedding planning question? In an instant, you have a plethora of wedding planning tips- and most likely- all conflicting. Which ones are trustworthy? Who should you believe? Well we think that the time leading up to your wedding should be fun and a moment to reconnect with the love of your life, making memories with your best friend.. not googling for hours on end. So we have decided to bring the best of the industry to you– the ones that we know and love. So that you can stop the googling, and go straight to the experts- all in our new wedding planning series: Consult the Pros.


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Hi all!!!

My name is Angelina Colhouer, and I am the Owner and Creative Director of a wedding planning company named the Apostolic Wife.  We are based out of Tampa, but service most of Florida, specializing in Tampa, Orlando, and Miami. We offer luxury wedding planning and designing that fits every bride’s budget!  When originally asked to offer a tip, my mind went directly to a styling tip that most brides sometimes forget on their wedding day… the personal details. This includes making sure you arrange to have really really sentimental items at your wedding, and making sure they get photographed for you to keep as memories. I could list tons and tons of personal details, but I want to highlight the ones that really make you look back at your wedding photos and reminisce about your special day.  

As I was writing this post, I started thinking about my 2015 Oxford Exchange wedding. The day was soo extremely busy that most of it went by very quickly, and I didn’t have much time to soak in all the details during the day. But my photographer did an awesome job at making sure there were really great detail photos of everything that I planned out for the day, including personal moments, intricate details, and all the things I didn’t get to see on the actual wedding day. 

Personal Moments

My husband I wrote letters to each other on our wedding day. This was something we thought about instead of exchanging gifts. It was my husband’s idea because he knew I would be anxiously excited on the day of the wedding, and the letter would help me remember that this day was truly about us and to just enjoy it. My letter to him was a thank you letter. I was so thankful to him for his future promise to love me and protect for the rest of our lives. We wrote them on really pretty stationery paper, with really expensive envelopes, and I even misted his envelope with my luxury perfume… I cannot find those letters to this very day lol… they got packed away somewhere after all of the day’s events… but my photographer was able to get a really beautiful picture of the letters. She was also able to get really beautiful photos of my husband reading the letter, and his priceless reaction to it. I was not there to see his reaction in person, but my photographer realized how important it was to capture that personal moment and ensured that we had a memory of those letters. 

Other personal moments are if you and your family are going to say a prayer together right before the wedding, a first look or first touch, or anything that you have arranged that is a very personal detail in your wedding. I have a bride next year that is using a piece of her father’s favorite shirt in her bridal bouquet. Her father passed away last year, and this detail will be used to cherish his memory. 

Personal Details

As I mentioned earlier, I used my luxury perfume to lightly mist my husband’s letter. Most brides have a signature perfume or fragrance that they wear on their wedding day. This does not have to be an expensive purchase, but having a signature wedding fragrance is a really great way to have a special memory about your wedding day. I fell in love with my wedding perfume a few weeks before we got married. I could not wait to wear it on the wedding day. To this day, I will wear that particular fragrance on special date nights or other occasions where it’s just my hubby and myself together. It is a really fun way to reminisce about the wedding day and relive the excitement again. My husband also still has his wedding day men’s fragrance… but this is his 3rd bottle since the wedding… he loved it so much that it is now his favorite fragrance ever!!!! 

Other personal details include your wedding day jewelry, a special lipstick you will be wearing, a pendant or brooch/lapel pin that is very sentimental, wedding rings, etc. I had a bride recently that shared an inside joke that only her and her fiancé know about. On the wedding day, she surprised him with a pin for him to wear on his lapel. No one knew what the joke was… but they smiled at each other all night about it. It was so sweet knowing that they shared something that close that no one else knew about!

Lastly, Personal Décor

I have tons of brides that are planning their own décor out, and sometimes their hard work and efforts often go unnoticed, or overlooked. This includes their wedding signage, additions to their centerpieces, welcome table pictures, bridesmaid robes, etc.

I always encourage brides to let me know what personal décor they are bringing to the wedding day so that I can make sure it goes front and center, AND so that I can make sure their wedding photographer gets great photos of their ideas and hard work.  If you have been working on your seating chart, that has caused you and your fiancé many stressful late nights up, then we need to make sure this is front and center so that everyone will see it on the wedding day and appreciate your sacrifice! Lol

If you and your bridesmaids stayed up all night putting together your bouquets or table numbers, all of your guests get to see them and enjoy them, but sometimes your wedding day is so busy that you don’t even get to sit back and admire your efforts and work. Make sure these items are on your photographer’s shot list. I assure you that you will want to have photos of these items you created in order to brag on yourself later on when showing off your wedding photo album. 

Like I said, I could go on and on about what details to make sure you have on your wedding day, but I would talk you in to next week!! Lol I will say this, if Shauna and Jordon are your wedding photographers, they will absolutely ensure that every detail, great or small, is photographed on your wedding day. I absolutely love that about them; they take that task off of my list because they are so detail oriented that it’s one less thing that a bride has to worry about, and one less thing I have to worry about as a planner. 

I hope you enjoyed this small post (rant) about my love for pretty, shiny, and personal wedding details.  Best of luck to you and your future spouse. Since you are on Shauna and Jordon’s site reading this…  you’re already heading in the right direction!!!

Love, Angelina Colhouer


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