Our Annual Family Vacation | Florida Style

Some people go to South Carolina. Some go to the Florida beaches. Some to the Colorado mountains. But us? Well every year, we go on an annual family trip with Shauna’s family, and instead of a simple trip of rest and relaxation, we trade all that in for some friendly competition, delicious food, and lots of games (because those Florida thunder storms have a mind of its own!) Cue in:

Our Annual Scalloping Trip

We often get asked what scalloping is- and honestly? It is exactly as it sounds. It is diving for scallops! Scallops tend to migrate to fairly shallow water for the season (during the summer). So every year, we all drive north to the rivers, pack up our boat, and go free diving for scallops. Since we do live in Florida, the “Sunshine State”, where thunder storms happen on the daily, we are also always sure to pack lots of games, because…. well… we enjoy living and being in the Lightning capitol of the world… we don’t play with lightning on the water. (I mean… can you blame us? 😂)

The competition

Being the competitive people that we are, we all count how many scallops we get each day, keep track of them for the whole trip, and then deem a “winner”. (Spoiler alert, Shauna is the scallop whisperer and always used to win. 👑 But Jordon is quite the competitor, but shhh, don’t tell him that I said that!)

The Trip

We could probably spend all day telling you how much fun scalloping is, but instead, we figured we would instead show you. Introducing: The Annual Scalloping Trip. (And since we never included last year’s trip in a blog, we figured we would share that with you all today as well. You can especially enjoy how Jordon’s Go Pro editing has improved over the year.  👏🏻 Get it boo!)




We’d love for you to tell us below- would you ever go scalloping? What is your annual family traditions! We’d love to know!

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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