Romantic Beach Engagement Session | Tampa, Florida

It was around three o’clock in Italy.

She got dressed for a long day of sight seeing one of the most romantic places in the world- which also happened to be a bit colder than anticipated, but being the strong willed woman she is, she refused to admit it. Michael had a moment to himself as she prepped herself for the day. He reached into his bag and held it between his fingers. Twisting in back and forth. He hurriedly shoved it into his pocket, not wanting Megan to see. His pocket felt as though he had just placed a boulder in it.

Together, they roamed Italy.

Hand-in-hand, they created memories that they would cherish together for a lifetime. Just the two of them. As the day wore on, before they knew it, the sun had long set, and Megan had about exhausted every last bit of energy that she had left in her.

Michael knew that it was just about time.

They walked block after block, up  over passes and under them, they walked and walked and walked what felt like miles to Megan- you know… the way it does when your feet are  an odd combination of on-fire and numb, all at the same time (truth is y’all.. it was miles.. about 2.5 of them!). She couldn’t wait to flop down on their comfortable, warm bed. To snuggle her head into her pillow, and close her eyes.

But then, they finally reached the spot.

The one that Michael had been waiting for. He insisted that they grab just a few more pictures before they head off to bed. They were on vacation after all, and it would only take a few seconds. But then… a kind lady walked by. Being the good semeritian that she was, she insisted  taking a few photos for them. One picture turned into five, and before they knew it, Michael was convinced that she must have taken a hundred photos and that this photo session would never end… or even worse, that when it did end, that Megan would insist in exhaustion that not another photo be taken.

His pocket suddenly felt heavier.

After many thank you’s, the stranger left, and Michael finally had his moment. The private moment between him and his best friend that he has been dreaming of. And in a matter of seconds, that best friend became his future wife on the romantic streets of Verona, Italy.

Megan and Michael, we felt so honored to be a part of your story together. If we could use one word to describe you two, it would be adventurous. From your engagement in Italy to transplanting from New Hampshire down to sunny (and humid) Florida, it truly takes a special kind of love and bond to do what you two do. Yet here you are, together, creating your memories. When we talk about our #cooneycouples, we love how they value memories over materials. How they find their peace and comfort in each other… how marrying their best friend is more important than any other aspect of their wedding day. Because when all is said and done, beginning their legacy of love together is what truly matters. We are so  thankful to say that we have known you two, because your relationship embodies all of that and so much more. We cannot wait to see what life has in store for the two of you.

All our love,

Shauna and Jordon


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