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If you follow us on social media, then there is no question out there about how much we love and adore Frank and Tran. But in the rare event that you don’t follow us (uhh let me help you- click here) let me recap for you.

Tran and Shauna are soulmates.

But not like the in-love soulmates… because that is Tran and Frank without a doubt. But in the best friends separated at birth kind of way. The kind of way that stems from loving craft beer, obsessing over pizza (to the point that Frank bought Tran a pizza making birthday gift), and being completely in love with their best friend. Oh. And The Office. Definitely don’t forget The Office.

And speaking of The Office…

You know the episode where Phyllis gets married. And Pam’s like.. Phyllis is getting married… at my wedding… well, that is basically Tran and Shauna. But not in the way where Tran intentionally t stole all of Shauna’s invitation ideas (cough cough like Phyllis cough cough), but in the kind of way that Tran and Shauna share some sort of soul sister telepathy to the point that they both accidentally planned the same wedding. Now, we don’t mean the same exact wedding that anyone else would notice… no we mean the same wedding to the point that it was so accidental and subtle that Jordon might have thought he was in the twilight zone when it happened… and Shauna couldn’t have been any more in heaven when she figured it out. Because, honestly?

She wouldn’t have expected anything less from her soul twin.

Dusty blue bridesmaid dresses (hint hint- if the maid of honor dress looks familiar, it is because it was the same one Shauna picked out for our wedding #twins), groomsmen in navy blue, gold terrariums, eucalyptus aisle runners, candlesticks, family styled seating, and grand entrances to Chris Brown’s Forever. PS- MEGA bonus points to Tan and Frank for thinking to use Andy’s (Ed Helm’s) I Will Remember You as their last dance song! It seriously gave us all the feels! Let’s just say that we rest our case. Shauna and Tran are soul twins.

Who live thousands of miles apart.

Because the truth is, we never officially met Tran and Frank until they arrived to Florida for their wedding. One virtual consultation, an instant connection, and lots and lots of goosebumps and tears later… we knew instantly that Tran and Frank were a #cooneycouple. We knew that they were a relationship that was built to last. A relationship that will have one of the greatest legacies that we have been blessed to watch. A relationship surrounded by the most incredible friends and family. No seriously you guys- Tran’s dad had us both in love with him, and they way her mom looked at her dad?! You’d think they were still newlyweds. And Franks parents? Shauna didn’t let anyone know, but during the reception, she caught them holding hands and swaying to the music together… and it was so touching that Shauna cried. Because you guys.. that is why we do what we do. Yes. We love gorgeous portraits. And we love #allthedetails (seriously give Shauna a pair of great heels, invitations, and perfume.. and she early creates the magic below), but what we really love is the story. The story that a great love creates. And for each and every one of our #cooneycouples, we are just so honored to be a part of their journey. To welcome them to our family. Because in our family, we all have gorgeous couples portraits from our wedding hanging on our walls, but what we really have, is a love that will withstand the test of time. And we have each other. Each and every last #cooneycouple cheering the others on. To be the kind of love that Tran and Frank’s parents have. To have the kind of love that made Shauna both smile and cry on Tran and Frank’s wedding day.

And Tran and Frank? They have it.

From the incredible emotional first look to the sneaky embraces that they had throughout their ceremony, every single ounce of our hearts know that Tran and Frank have what it takes to be a love with an astounding legacy. And you want proof? Well.. as Tran’s matron of honor stood up and gave her speech, her hands began to tremble. Tears welled up in her eyes. She looked at Tran, and she said some of the most touching words we have ever heard in a speech. But most importantly, she told Tran and Frank that if heaven forbid something ever happened to her and her husband, that she knows that her son will have role models of what love is- because Tran and Frank embody that. And that she hopes every day to grow more and more to be like Tank and Frank.

They have it.

Tran and Frank… there are just so many things that we could say right now. We could honestly continue to write for hours about how amazing you are. About how much we love you. How thankful we are to know you. How honored we are to call you a #cooneycouple. But the truth is… they still wouldn’t be enough. Because no words will ever be able to appropriately describe just how much we love you both, or how amazing your love is. As the years continue on, we hope that you two know just how loved and supported you are. By your family, your friends, and by us. Because we believe in you and all of the greatness that your love will bring to this earth.  

All our love,

Shauna and Jordon      

Incredible Vendor Team:

VENUE/CATERING: DoveCote​ PHOTOGRAPHY: Shauna and Jordon Photography​ FLORIST: Orlando Wholesale Florist​ HAIR AND MAKEUP: Laura Reynolds Artistry Hair and Makeup Team​ DJ: Classic Disc Jockeys – Orlando Wedding DJs​ GOWN: Victoria’s Bridal Shoppe​ SHOES: Kate Spade New York JEWLERY: Charisma Jewelers​ (Groom) Family Heirloom (Bride) MENS ATTIRE: THE BLACK TUX​ BRIDESMAID ATTIRE: Weddington Way

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  1. So much fun at this wedding- I could not have asked for a better couple or vendor team… thanks for sharing!
    -DJ Chuck Johnson
    Classic Disc Jockeys
    213 Harbor Point Blvd
    Orlando, FL 32835

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