Whimsical Forest Engagement Session | St. Petersburg Florida

We will never forget when we met Kelsey for the first time. It was late. We were in Starbucks (typical). And she was rocking the cutest casual top knot Shauna had ever seen. We talked. We got to know each other. We laughed. We learned about their wedding. And then…

We heard about Bobby’s proposal.

We feel that it is necessary to begin by stating that we love proposal stories. In fact, we ask every one of our couples about their proposal stories- because no matter how casual or grand they are by societal standards- every proposal is monumental to us, because it is the beginning of our couples’ legacy of love together, and we believe in the magic of a #cooneycouples’ love.

But we must admit… Jordon was quite impressed when he learned that Bobby had orchestrated a family girls’ trip to New York (one which he “would not be going on”). A trip that would be happening at Christmas time. A trip where he would magically show up… at Rockefeller Center… get down on one knee.. and ask his gorgeous girlfriend to be the love of his life- for the rest of his life. All while he surprised Kelsey with even more family who stood by and watched as he did it all.

If there is such a thing as proposal brownie points, we think Bobby gets the whole darn pan.

So when we finally got to meet the infamous Bobby, we were so excited to see that his proposal was just the beginning of how much we were going to love him. From the way that he doted on his fiancé to the way that he looks at her (seriously you guys- we might have told Bobby to look at Kelsey, but we didn’t tell Bobby how to look at Kelsey- that was all him).

But it doesn’t catch us by surprise that we love Bobby so much.

Kelsey is gorgeous, kind, down-to-earth, and personable. Any man who can capture Kelsey’s heart the way that Bobby has speaks incredible volume to us on his character. Getting to meet a couple as perfectly matched as Kelsey and Bobby is why we love getting to do what we do. To see a love forming that will someday grow into a family. A love that will begin a legacy of its own. So someday, when Kelsey and Bobby’s children play in the living room, they can see the love and friendship that their parents share.

Kelsey and Bobby, we are so happy to get to call you two a #cooneycouple.We absolutely cannot wait for your wedding day to be here so we can capture the love that you two have creates as you begin you lives’ next legacy. Your love and friendship together completely exemplifies what our community of couples stands for, and your photos illustrate exactly what we mean.

Hugs and all our love,

Shauna and Jordon

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