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Industrial Downtown CAVU Wedding | Tampa, FL


February 12, 2018

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As they stepped onto the dance floor, he pulled her in towards him tightly. His wife. The words he eagerly waited to officially say- after seven years. Step by step, slowly, they began to dance.

Their first dance as husband and wife.

After what felt like a lifetime of love and friendship, their day was finally here, and every last detail of Kim and AJ’s wedding was absolute beauty. From pink floral robes, the most adorable confetti toss, blush bow ties and gowns, to the insanely gorgeous industrial venue at CAVU, every last detail had Jordon and myself in photography heaven (especially the incredibly adorable nods to The Beauty and the Beast- aka my all-time favorite Disney movie as a child).

As Kim and AJ held each other’s hands on the dance floor, they whole room had their eyes on them. Their love radiating from one another. As they began their first dance, the DJ cautioned Kim to listen closely. Being an unusual comment, Jordon and I also took caution to the directions. As tears streamed down Kims face (and practically every face in the room), it was then that we figured it out.

This was not an ordinary song.

In fact, this song was as one-of-a-kind as it gets. We realized it as soon as we heard the works “Kim” and “Apollo” (the name of Kim and AJ’s pup) that it hit us. As one of the best surprises we have probably seen on a wedding day, the song Kim and AJ shared for their first dance was a song that was made specifically for Kim. As a surprise. By AJ. Cue the waterworks. (Yes, Shauna cried).

Kim and AJ- The support that you two have surrounding you is a true testament to the relationship that you two have, and we are so thankful that we could share witnessing your legacy of love together. It is hard to explain to those who haven’t seen your love exactly how special it is. The best way that we know to describe the love that you two share is that it is equally one-of-a-kind as your first dance song, and the legacy that you two are creating has the level of magic only found at Magic Kingdom. ✨ We wish you two the most magical and incredible honeymoon in Colorado (one of our favorite places ever!) and cannot wait to see what the future hold for you two.



xo Shauna and Jordon

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