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It was a typical day like any other for most, but for Allison, it was her birthday. Being from out of state, it was particularly special to her to be going to brunch with her mom, her twin sister, and the love of her life, Travis. Excitement and eagerness filled her heart to spend the day with those who she loves. Plus, anyone who has been to brunch at Gaspar’s Grotto knows that the food does not disappoint. But for Travis, nerves ran through his veins like electricity and he pulled the move that most men never dare to…

He suggested that Allison change her outfit. On her birthday.

Being a smart man who listens, he explained to her that she is always saying that they never get nice pictures together (well before they met us at least ????) and that it would be a nice time to take pictures with her family on her birthday. How could she fight loci that solid?

1 Point awarded to Travis.

Crab, sushi, bacon, laughter, and mimosas. After covering his unusually bumpy pocket all morning, brunch was officially over. Queue all the nerves. Are they there? Okay we can proceed.

Travis nudged Allison that it was time to get some pictures- I mean, she was dressed up an all for some cute photos, so it made sense.

Point 2: Travis.

So, naturally, Allison unthinkingly chose a spot with an awful background to take the photos… thinking quickly, Travis suggested a spot with much more visual appeal. (uhh okay Travis- way to be a #jordonleegroom before you even knew you were one!)

Point 3: Travis.

After taking photos with her mom and sister, Travis took his turn, and gave Allison, her mom, and her sister the biggest birthday surprise ever.  Yes- you heard that right. He even surprised his future mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

Point 4: Travis.

Adrenaline rushing and nerves flushing through his body, he fumbled around with the ring box in his pocket to make sure that it would be facing the right direction.

Point 5: Travis.

And then he got down on his knee in front of the woman who sets his heart on fire. The one who he dreams of growing old with. Having children with. Doing life with. And being best friends with. The one who he gets to marry.

Game, Set, Match.

Allison and Travis- the love that you two share for one another absolutely radiates through the love and friendship that you two share. Jordon and I had an absolutely amazing time taking your engagement photos for you (and editing them- because oh my goodness look at how gorgeous they are! ????) We hope that you two enjoy every last moment through your planning process and the journey that you two are on. We can’t wait for your wedding day and for the love and marriage that you two are about to share.

xo Shauna and Jordon

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    Very calming and a real pleasure to see your work.

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