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Jordon and I believe so whole heartedly that our business is more than pretty pictures. That on our couples’ hardest days, when they walk by their wedding day canvases and see the love and passion they share with one another, that our images can help to restore and bring light into their lives. That by transporting our couples back to their wedding day through our images, we can help our couples to build strong marriages.

Our goal is always more. To do more for our couples, to learn more, and to be more. So this spring, we decided to give away one of the biggest gifts we could have ever imagined for our incredible community of followers worth over $2,500- an all-inclusive 8 hour wedding day collection.

“Our goal is always more. To do more for our couples, to learn more, and to be more.”

We were so blown away with the love and support that we received through all of the submissions, and still cannot believe how incredibly amazing you all are. We will never be able to find all of the correct words to express it, so- thank you. When we had our final drawing, we were so elated to see how incredibly grateful the winners were, and we were ecstatic to be adding them to our #shaunalynnefamily.

This past Sunday, we finally got to see Jaclyn and Rory in person, and they could not have been any more perfect. The love and adoration that Jaclyn and Rory share is exactly why we love doing what we do. How Rory coulee make Jaclyn giggle as he whispered little jokes in her ear, and the way that Jaclyn couldn’t help but to check out her future hubby.

“they could not have been any more perfect”

Not only are they an incredibly stunning couple, but they have some of the kindest hearts that we have ever met. We are absolutely head-over-heels elated to capture the love and friendship Rory and Jalyn share, because we while-heartedly know that their marriage is going to be one for the books.

Jaclyn and Rory- We are so so happy for you two and absolutely adore the love and friendship you two share. We are so excited for your wedding (at basically our favorite venue ever) and wish you both the most amazing months to come as you create the foundation for your future legacy of love. We know these pictures will be a small part of that journey, and we hope that they can love and serve you even half as much as you two love each other.


xo Shauna and Jordon

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