Beach Maternity Session | Tampa, Florida

Jordon and I love weddings. We love watching two best friends commit to a life of love and laughter along with hardships and work. Witnessing and documenting the moment that a couple makes their vow to a lifetime of love together- the beginning of their legacy that they will build together is what fuels our passion and our business.

The legacy that a love creates- friendships, children, and a lifetime of memories, that is why Jordon and I are so passionate about documenting couples. So often, we photograph those beginning stages of our couples legacy, and because our schedule is so booked, it isn’t often that we get to branch outside of engagement and weddings, but when we do, we think it is just magical.

“Alexis and David are creating their legacy of love as they welcome their baby girl into this world together.”

Initially, Alexis didn’t plan on having a maternity session (how I have no idea, because goodness gracious she is the most perfect mamma-to-be I think I have ever seen), but at 35 weeks and with her baby girl soon to join us, she had a halting realization that she might regret it if she didn’t. That she might regret not having a beautifully curated  gallery of her pregnancy with her baby girl and the love of her life. That one day, when her little girl plays  in their living room, she would be able to look at the walls of her home and see the most stunning images of her mommy and daddy. That she could look at those images and see just how much they loved her- even before they ever met her.



Alexis and David- we can’t wait for you to meet your beautiful baby girl! We pray that you have a delivery as smooth as your pregnancy, because goodness gracious girl- you’re glowing!


xo Shauna and Jordon


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